A history of chronic disease and very challenging digestive problems from a young age and a long list of symptoms to go with it all, has brought me here. 


I have spent years learning and discovering during my travels the very best way of healing, reversing certain unwanted processes and signs of 'ageing', getting rid of chronic conditions and digestive problems, as well as preventing disease.


Now in my 50's, I am healthier than ever before and I look and feel younger than in my 30's!


I help people find their best strategies to age better, stay beautiful, younger and have more energy. The main focus is on health. A healthy body is a beautiful body, healthy skin is beautiful, healthy hair is beautiful. 


What do health and beauty have to do with one another? EVERYTHING!




Video: The Bone Broth Myth Busted


Ever wondered if bone broth is really that good for you? Everyone says so right? But what if it's wrong? Watch this video to find out more. It's not what you think and you will soon hear and read this more often.



Video: Get rid of Candida once and for all


Learn about candida and fungus in general and what you need to do about it.


Video: Not for the Faint-hearted


Take a look inside a colon when a 'disease' has been diagnosed. Watching this will show you how important it is to cleanse and detoxify regularly but ESPECIALLY if you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition. GRAPHIC! 


Video: Iridology: Does it work?


Is it really possible to 'read' the body's weakness by looking at the eyes? Learn about an old science that has been used through the centuries. 


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Tired of trying hundreds of things with little or no results? Have you followed all the mainstream advice out there to a T and still had not had success or only limited success? Fed up of spending hundreds or thousands on things that don't work? Time to look at anti-ageing, beauty and vitality differently!


You can have glowing skin, healthy hair, vibrancy and a healthy sex drive, defying some of the unwanted symptoms of ageing.


 If you are tired of feeling tired, feeling older than your age and generally unwell, if you are frustrated and scared even because  nothing appears to work for you, it is time to do something different. 


It is time to give your body what it needs to be healthy and beautiful from within, to free body and mind from toxins, release chemicals and cell waste and reverse the damage that causes all the issues in the first place.


You can finally learn some of the best kept secret Hollywood A-listers know and use to get in shape for their next big movie! You can learn about the supplements that work! You can learn some ancient, long-lost secrets!


Natural, Fresh, Effective, Affordable!

This eco-friendly, sustainable Skin Care Range is fast winning over hearts and minds!


Click on the picture above to shop RINGANA's natural, fresh products your skin is going to love. 

There are no nasty chemicals, it is vegetarian, sustainable and effective.


What Should You REALLY Eat?


This is SO important when you are trying to get back to health or prevent chronic conditions or if you want to see dramatic results in your skin, your hair and your nails.

What should our species predominantly eat to be or become healthy?

Do you find it frustrating and confusing to find out what we are ‘REALLY’ supposed to be eating to stay healthy, or get healthy and to have lovely skin and connective tissue, to have energy, better stamina and a sharp mind?

You are not alone!

I would like to share answers with you based on comparisons to other living creatures that make sense and I will also explain why you should care. (...)


Just 4 Steps to get back to Health


It takes 4 Steps and a proven process to enable your body to heal itself - even from chronic conditions - and to regenerate:


1) Cleanse  2) Enable your body to start the healing process  3) Hydrate and 4) Strengthen. 


That’s it! This concept has worked for many thousands of people all around the world. Once you learn the process, you will forever change the way you look at ‘health care’. You will know what it takes to STAY healthy and beautiful, too.


If you are ready to finally rid yourself of chronic conditions (fatigue, constipation, ED, reflux, GERD, sinusitis, headaches, etc) and constantly looking and feeling under the weather, let's not waste time and start today and  improve your life. 


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